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Upper Case LTD. operates through a framework of domain-specific companies, each concentrating on a distinct facet of the product life cycle. This organizational structure aims to deliver specialized and expert resources to cater to our customers’ needs. Our proficient sales team at Upper Case LTD. ensures the provision of comprehensive solutions or individual point-products, leveraging the diverse expertise within the group and an extensive network of partners.

Web Development

Web Solutions

Web Solutions centralizes on professional interactive development and ecommerce solutions. It helps the brand’s influence with innovation and to communicate and associate with consumers using UX and UI elements to get more than industry standards reach. Websolutions vision conceived out of a deep commitment to a digital method and enthusiasm for developing advances. our developers are highly skilled and hold a Magento Certified Developer level with have a vast experience in different technological solutions for every need

DevOps and SLA​

Trust Us

1. Experts in Information Security and Website Protection:
Information security on critical websites instills trust among potential customers. At TrustUS, we have been specializing in this field for almost more than a decade, since 2012. Our company provides high-level information security services for numerous websites, tailoring solutions based on shelf products and internal algorithms specifically for commercial companies.

2. Integrated DevOps Solutions:
Revolutionizing DevOps, IaaC facilitates efficient cloud infrastructure management. Our tech team, passionate about this technology, can assist in creating, dividing, and integrating cloud infrastructure with CI/CD.
Embracing a containerized approach, Kubernetes streamlines application management, reducing the need for manual operations. Our support in adopting this platform is valuable for companies in rapid growth stages.
At the core of Agile and DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery enhance software building efficiency by automating tests early in project development.
Leveraging leading cloud service providers (AWS, GCP, Azure), we optimize and secure cloud solutions for DevOps practices.
Implementing a comprehensive cloud security strategy, monitoring servers, databases, and tools to ensure optimal efficiency in your DevOps operations.

3. Extensive Experience:
We take pride in our extensive and rich experience working with major clients in the industry. Specializing in the cyber domain, data theft, and website protection, with nearly 20 years of experience in upgrading and securing networks, applications, integrations, and various projects within the security field, particularly in the realm of electronic commerce.

4. Service Above All:
At Trust US LTD. we envelop our customers in a full-service package that includes customer management, project management, and ongoing collaboration. Therefore, we have a long list of returning customers who continue with us to advance the Israeli economy. We are always available for questions, training, and technical support.

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