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Tailored Development Solutions:

At Upper Case, client success is paramount. Specializing in web development, we use cutting-edge technologies to exceed unique client requirements. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless, responsive, and user-centric online presence, tailoring solutions to be the digital cornerstone of your business.

CRM and ERP Integration:

Upper Case excels in integrating CRM and ERP solutions, creating a cohesive workflow. Customizing these systems to fit your business needs, we empower you with tools to enhance communication, streamline processes, and gain valuable insights, fostering productivity and accelerating growth in an interconnected business environment.

Elevating ECommerce Experiences:

Upper Case propels businesses in the dynamic ECommerce landscape. Our solutions optimize the customer journey, boost conversion rates, and streamline transactions. Whether establishing a new platform or revamping an existing one, our team crafts tailored solutions that align with brand identity and drive measurable success in the competitive online marketplace.

Enterprise-Grade SLA for Unmatched Support:

Upper Case understands the vital role of reliability and support in business success. Beyond development, our Enterprise-Grade SLAs ensure robust, consistently high-performance solutions. With a dedicated support team, we provide peace of mind for your business-critical systems, allowing you to focus on growth.

meet our team

Miki Atias

Executive Officer

Miki has extensive experience with analysis of complex software developments and designs. Managing developers, designers, digital, and technological marketing.

Roi SHillo

Technology Executive

Roi is a business and technology executive with over 20 years of experience in the field. Passionate about learning technologies and leading large-scale solutions to improve people’s life.

Ilan Blum

Business development and Operations

Ilan is a strategic business leader with vast experience in executive management, business development & marketing. A people person, passionate about creating long lasting partnerships and collaborations.

our values


At Upper Case, collaboration is our cornerstone. Internally, diverse teams foster innovation through open communication. Externally, partnering closely with clients ensures tailored solutions. This collaborative ethos transcends cooperation; it’s a genuine partnership, delivering impactful and customized solutions that propel businesses forward in an ever-evolving landscape.

Results Driven

At Upper Case, result maximization is ingrained in our ethos. We comprehensively understand clients’ goals, crafting tailored solutions that exceed expectations. In web development, ECommerce, SEO, and DevOps, we optimize performance using cutting-edge technologies and data-driven strategies. Our commitment extends to ongoing support, ensuring sustained success and thriving businesses.


Upper Case’s commitment to excellence defines its project and customer approach. Seasoned teams prioritize quality, innovation, and client satisfaction, fostering lasting relationships. Client feedback and continual refinement ensure consistent outstanding results in web development, ECommerce, SEO, and DevOps.


Innovation is Upper Case’s heartbeat, permeating every facet of our approach. From web development to ECommerce, SEO, and DevOps, we pioneer solutions. Embracing experimentation and cutting-edge technologies, we set new standards in user experience. Continuous improvement is ingrained, ensuring our clients lead with forward-thinking solutions tailored to redefine industry norms.

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